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Monday, July 21, 2008

What Flavor is Your Library?

I love ice cream. There is almost no ice cream flavor that I don't like. I also love libraries. University libraries, small-town independent municipal libraries, law libraries, corporate libraries: I enjoy them all. Libraries are just about the coolest thing ever.

Just like ice cream, each library has its own distinct flavor. Even libraries trying to be similar have differences? Just look at the 21 Sno-Isle community libraries. But when I have ice cream, I expect a certain experience. And on those rare occasions when I get bad ice cream, I am not just a little bit disappointed; I am seriously disappointed.

What do you expect when you come to the library? How close to meeting those expectations do we come? There are many ways to communicate this to us. Last time I blogged, I discussed the Sno-Isle Libraries’ Strategic Plan. This time I would like to mention other ways to provide input to your library.

At this library we have a Library Board made up of volunteers appointed by the City of Marysville. This group meets at the library on the 2nd Tuesday of each month throughout the year except August. These are open public meetings and visitors are welcome. This group advocates for the community to assure that Sno-Isle provides the library services the community needs. They can be reached by contacting the City of Marysville.

There is also a great Friends of the Library group that raises money to support programs and other enhancements. This group is also made up of dedicated volunteers and meets at the library on the third Thursday of each month. New members with ideas about ways to improve the library experience are always welcome. There are many opportunities to help with fund-raising, to volunteer in other ways, and to socialize with other fans of libraries.

As the managing librarian, I can also be reached via email or telephone. My direct contact info is on the Marysville Library page of the Sno-Isle Libraries website. I am happy to hear any feedback about how we are doing.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Reading Program Fun

Hi! I'm Kathy, a Children's Librarian here at the Marysville Library. I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science last June from the University of Washington distance program, and was hired here in Marysville last September for my very first library job. Yes, that's the same place Kristin and Eric got their degrees! My Bachelor's degree was in Spanish Literature, so I also speak Spanish.

The theme for the sumer reading program this year is "Catch the Reading Bug @ your library", and I'm having a lot of fun with this theme. I visited 4 of the 9 Marysville elementary schools in early June to promote it (Pat, our other Children's Librarian, visited the other 5), where I told bug riddles, talked about a wide variety of bug books, and taught the students a very silly bug song. Finally, if the students remembered the details of the summer reading program at the end, I ATE A BUG! Yes, they were real bugs, no, they weren't alive, and yes, they were flavored. The crickets taste like potato chips, and the larvae don't taste much of anything beyond the added flavoring. I ordered a supply of them on-line so no, I didn't catch or cook them myself. A month later, I still have children come up to me in the library stacks and remember that I came to their school and ate a bug.

Over the summer we put on a variety of programs to help children keep up their reading skills by keeping them excited about reading. Every Tuesday until August 5 we have different programs about bugs, such as the "Creepy Crawler" program, the"'Bug-O-Rama" program, and my personal favorite since I'm the one putting it on: the "Edible Bugs" program on August 5.

Every week, children who have signed up for the summer reading program can come in and get a different prize.
  • How do they sign up? It's easy! All they have to do is pick up a reading log and start reading!
  • How old do they have to be? Old enough to want to participate.
  • Do they have to read anything in particular? No, they can read anything from magazines to manga, from Harry Potter to Dr Seuss, from video game cheat sheets to deep literature. It counts even if someone reads to them!
So what are you waiting for? Come in and check us out!