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Monday, February 23, 2009

Technical Liaisons

Libraries used to be big buildings full of books. Nowadays computers and other technology are a big part of the service provided at the library.

Marysville Library has 3 staff members called Technical Liaisons. We do our best to solve technical issues with the computers, printers, copier and other technology issues. We are usually successful, but we also have the whole Sno-Isle Information Technology staff behind us. When we need more help we can enlist their assistance in solving problems not only for public users but for staff as well.

If you are interested in technology be sure to take a look at the Techies information under Popular Topics on the Sno-Isle Homepage.

Remember to ask staff for help whether you are looking for a book or need to open a file on your flash drive.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Libraries Are More Important Than Ever

In the last few weeks we have seen magazine articles, TV news stories, and newspaper editorials all confirming something we here at the library have been experiencing: libraries are more important to our communities than ever.

Communities need and are using their libraries for lots of things. Libraries help the newly unemployed navigate online job applications. For many people who haven't had to update a resume or fill out an application in recent years, the ways these are done have completely changed. Many places only accept electronic application submissions and a resume can often be attached. If these aren't skills you have had to develop, your library with its high-speed internet and Wi-Fi access is one place to learn.

People are also looking for alternatives to expensive cable TV and movie renting outlets. With a library card, people have access to a wide variety of entertainment options at no cost.

Libraries exist to support the community; and people in our community are making great use of their library. Read the articles that appeared in the Everett Herald recently by clicking the links below.

Public Libraries: Still A Haven of Discovery 02.11.09

Libraries' Popularity Rises as Economy Sinks by David Chircop 02.05.09


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friends of the library

Who are the “Friends of the library”, and what do they do? They are an organization made up of people who care about Marysville Library enough to raise money to help the Marysville staff put on programs. Did you participate in our challenge to the Marysville community last summer to read 2000 books for Ethiopia Reads? The money came from the Friends of the Library.

One of the main ways they raise the money to support the library is by selling books that people donate, but they raise funds in other ways as well. They meet at 1pm in the large meeting room on the third Thursday of every month, and welcome anybody who cares about our library. The first 20-30 minutes are the business meeting, and then they break for snacks and socializing. They finish by listening to a presentation on local Marysville happenings. If you have ever come to one of our programs, or have ever brought your children to one of our programs, or your teens have participated in our programs, you have benefitted from our Friends! Please come, be a part, and have a voice!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big6 Homework Helper

Are you or a child in your life overwhelmed with a big homework assignment? Here are six basic steps to help you or your child approach a big assignment:

1. What is the assignment? What does the end product need to look like?
2. What information do you need? What don’t you know that you need to?
3. Where can you get the information? Can you get it online, or in a book, or should you ask an expert?
4. Get what you need to complete the assignment.
5. Do it!
6. Did you complete the assignment? What worked, what didn’t?
Genius level: How could you make it better?

Here’s an example of the six steps:
1. Assignment: Make a delicious ice cream sundae
2. Need: Bowl, spoon, ice cream, toppings, recipe, demo
3. Where: In the kitchen, maybe with a trip to the grocery store
4. Go to the store if needed, and pull other items from the freezer and cupboards
5. Make your delicious ice cream sundae.
6. Taste test: What tastes good, what didn’t you like?
Genius level: What could you do to make it taste/look better?

These Big6 steps will help you approach any big project without being overwhelmed, whether you're in school or at a job. We would love to help you with steps 2, 3, and 4; check us out at the Information Desk!