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Friday, June 26, 2009

The search for the next great song

I am continually on a search-I would even say a quest- for new music. What will be the next artist or group that will totally fit my personality? What song will be my next favorite? What album will replace my old standby in the car stereo?

And to find out, I go to a variety of sources. I ask my friends, I scan the shelves of music stores and libraries, and then I peruse the world wide web.

One website that has a good mix of music genres is AllMusic . Here I can spend an abundant amount of my free time finding not only jazz, but every sub-genre of jazz to impress my jazz-loving friends. Or pop. Or rock. Or country. The list is just about endless.

Another place I visit on my internet stroll is Rolling Stone’s website. Here I can check out new releases and album art, as well as read articles on some old favorite groups, or learn about new ones.

Entertainment Weekly, aside from its movies and movie star info, has a pretty good music review page. Album art, photo galleries and news briefs are also included. And it's great when I'm in the mood for music, but still want to catch the latest star news, too.

When I just want to hear similar groups or songs to what I know I already love, I turn to Pandora, on online radio-type website that takes my preference and then streams music that is similar. So not only do I get to find new grooves, I get to listen to them too.

I’d love to share more, but I’m on a time crunch for finding a great new group to listen to this weekend. Will it be Bibio, Jill Sobule, or someone currently unknown?

I can’t wait to find out.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overview of what the library can do for you

If you are reading this blog, you are already probably a library fan and regular user. But you may not know all the ways the library can help you in particular and the earth in general. Recently Dawn Rutherford, Sno-Isle's Teen Services Coordinator, spoke about libraries at Ignite, where people from many different organizations and groups talk for five minutes about how they help this community. Dawn clocked in at about six minutes, but check her video out to see if you already use all of the library services she mentions. My favorite quote: "If you're not using libraries, you're wasting your tax dollars."


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making a computer reservation

Imagine when you come to the library to use a computer, you just cannot find the computer that is available for you right now. What would you do?
  1. Wait and see which one will be available first.
  2. Make a reservation at the catalog computer.
  3. Come back later.

Our recommendation for you to do is No. 2.

When you make a computer reservation, you can choose either the first available computer or one that is available at the certain time you would prefer. You can do this from any of our 8 Catalog, Database, Reservation computers at the Marysville Library or any computers that have an internet access at home, school, and work.

Just go to our homepage and click on "How do I reserve a computer?" on the top right corner. Once you go to the "Reserve a computer" page, just follow the directions. All you need is your library card number and your pin number (last four digits of your phone number).

The wait time depends on the time of the day but we often see our patrons only having to wait for 5 - 10 minutes. Make sure to log in to your computer within 5 minutes of your reservation time, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled automatically. While you wait, please browse though our fabulous book collection.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Reading Program-Get Creative @ your Library!

As summer approaches, how do you keep the children in your life entertained and out of mischief? At the Marysville Library, we are doing our part to help you through the Summer Reading Program, with a theme of “Be Creative @ Your Library” for children, and “Express Yourself” for teens.

What can your children do? We make it very easy to sign up: all you have to do is come in and pick up the reading log, or go online. Pick a goal of how much they think they can read this summer, either in minutes per day or number of books. Each child who signs up also gets two free tickets to the Aquasox baseball team! Then starting on June 28 they can bring in the reading log each week for five weeks and get a prize. If your child wants to stretch themselves, we even have an activity sheet. If they do all the activities on the sheet, they get to pick out a free paperback book.

What else can your children do? We have some great programs lined up, kicking off with musician/entertainer Bonnie Phipps performing a “Patchwork quilt of rhythm, rhyme, story and song” on June 20. We’ll have a variety of creative programs on Tuesdays at 11 starting on June 23: exploring art and music throughout the world, button-making, transforming trash to treasure, the science of art, exploring art styles, and even playing with Legos. Finally, your child has the opportunity to make their very own toy with toymaker Rick Hartman on August 4th.

We have lots of other programs going on throughout the summer for teens, younger children, and even adults. Come fight the summer doldrums and check us out!