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Monday, July 27, 2009

Where can I get reliable health information?

News these days is full of Obama’s attempt to change U.S. health care system. No matter what your views on this, everybody on occasion needs to find out more about health problems they may be experiencing. But how do you find reliable sites? Here are three sites put out by different government agencies that are full of information about health issues: is an excellent resource for your overall health in everyday language. Find personalized health recommendations for your age and gender, find a local health provider or clinic, or search an encyclopedia with over 1600 topics. Get tips to stay healthy yourself, keep your children growing healthy, or even finding low cost health care. Worried about Swine flu or immunizations or need nutrition tips? This is a great place to start. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is another excellent resource, and more in-depth than the first site. Need information on staying healthy while traveling? Concerned about how your environment is impacting your health? Need data about smoking or autism? This is the place for you. (National Institutes of Health) gives you access to the latest research being done. Want to find out the latest government policy on stem cells? Want to find clinical trials? This is the site to find that information. Under the health tab, choose a body system and then a disease, and it will give links not only to general descriptions of the condition, but also to the specific governmental organizations that concern themselves with that condition. This is the site with the most in-depth information in the most technical language. If you’re more interested in more alternative approaches to healthy living, or want something that isn’t put out by the government, Dr Andrew Weill is famous for approaching alternative therapies with an open yet testing mind. His website gives the latest in promoting a healthy, long life.

Of course, at the library we have a whole sections devoted to how your body works, your health, fitness, and various specific diseases. Search our catalog, or ask us at the information desk and we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Books in a Nutshell

ZARAFA: a giraffe's true story, from deep in Africa to the heart of Paris----Michael Allin
In 1827 a giraffe walked across France. Thousands came to see her all along the route. True story.

An 11-year old expert on poisons solves a mysterious death and learns something about

WICKED PLANTS: the weed that killed Lincoln's mother and other botranical atrocities----Amy Stewart
The above mentioned 11-year old would love this book. Others should be careful while
in the garden.

THREE BAGS FULL: a sheep detective story----Leonie Swann
Find out just what sheep think about while munching grass and, more hilariously, what
they think of humans.

IDIOT AMERICA: how stupidity became a virtue in the Land of the Free----Charles P.
Prepare for your jaw to drop!!

THE EARTH MOVED: on the remarkable achievements of earthworms----Amy Stewart
Admit it! You're a little bit disappointed it's about earthworms.

A CARRION DEATH----Michael Stanley
A detective mystery set in Botswana, but definitely not in Alexander McCall Smith's

This is not a guide to the birds of east Africa. It is a sweet and very funny romance between birdwatchers in Kenya.

Here are eight titles that, in my humble opinion, are good, informative, worthwhile and entertaining books. I promise!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get Inspired—Learn Something New—Make a Life Change!

The economy being what it is, maintaining a positive attitude in the face of daily doses of depressing economic news is essential for one’s overall health and well being, but let’s face it, it can be difficult. And actually getting motivated to make even small changes in your life for the better can be a real challenge. Even so, ideas and inspiration are as close as your nearest public library.

Have you always wanted to meditate or do yoga, but just never quite got the hang of it? For many years, yoga and meditation were often considered to be New Age ladidah, but clinical studies have repeatedly shown that the mind and the body’s systems experience a measurable level of calm and tranquility during meditation sessions. And even a moderate practice of simple yoga asanas (or poses) can bring about deep relaxation and a reduction in individual stress levels. Who couldn’t use a bit of stress reduction nowadays?!
If you think that meditation is sitting uncomfortably on a pillow with your legs contorted, think again. There are nearly as many ways to meditate as there are people who do or want to meditate. For instance, if sitting still is hard for you, try walking meditation. Thich Nhat Hanh’s Walking Meditation is a wonderful little book that gives you just the right amount of encouragement to get out and start walking and achieve a level of peace in the process.
Do your eyes cross just looking at some of the pretzel-like positions possible with yoga? Relax, Sno-Isle Libraries has a wide variety of beginner books and DVDs for all ages, so it’s easy to find just the right movements that can help you stretch your way toward serenity and flexibility. There are even yoga books that can be used with babies and toddlers!
What about watercolors or knitting, woodcarving or a radically new approach to eating? Did you know that most foods lose their nutritional value when cooked at a temperature of more than 104? Do you long to clear your clutter, Feng Shui your garden or learn a new language? If you can name your interest, the library can provide you with materials that will be just perfect for enabling you to take the next step in the process of actually changing your life. And since our lives are changed by so many things that we have little or no control over, why not take charge and actively choose the ways in which you want to see your life change? It could be as simple as visiting the library. What are you waiting for?