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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Should You Read Next?

You’ve just finished reading the best book ever. It was absolutely wonderful, but now that you are finished reading it you feel let down and wonder what you can read next that will possible match it. You can always work your way down the best-seller list, but here at Sno-Isle we offer something more personalized: a database called NoveList Plus. To get there from our home page, hover over “Books, Movies, Music” and choose “Books”, then you’ll see the link to NoveList Plus under “Some Ideas”. NoveList Plus will provide you with several ways to choose your next great read.

NoveList offers many ways of finding a book that will appeal to your taste. You can type in the name of that book or the author you just finished reading into the search bar. When you choose your book, NoveList immediately gives you nine recommendations on the right. Further down on the right, you can choose exactly those elements of the book that most appealed to you and search for books that meet those criteria. Books that we have in the Sno-Isle system will give you a link to our catalog.

You can even type book or story elements that you’re looking for into the search field. Looking for women detectives in Seattle? NoveList comes up with 177 suggestions. You can even narrow your results list by appeal on the left, and limit it by things like publication date on the right.

Going back to the main NoveList page, you can just say that you like to read a particular genre, or type of book. On the list to the left, you can choose among 11 genres (or 16 categories of nonfiction), and then further define what specific category you’re looking to read. Do you like Romances? You can decide whether you want to read Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, or Fantasy Romance more. Do you like the list that comes up? Print it out, or choose another, related list on the right. Again, keep an eye out for the link to the Sno-Isle catalog to know what we have in our system.

We as librarians love to talk books with our patrons, and we invite you to come in to the library to do so. But NoveList Plus is a great tool that we use to find good books, which you can use, too.