Marysville Library Blog

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ejection Seats for Computers?

An older gentleman came into the library today, feeling somewhat leery of the computers and the Internet in general. He asked if the computers had ejection seats if he did anything wrong, and in my mind’s eye I imagined the library full of computers and the occasional explosion as patrons went flying. Of course, when I finished chuckling, I walked him through the process of signing onto the computer, and how to find things on the Internet.

We have no plans to install ejection seats at our computers, entertaining though the idea is. We do plan on a major change at the end of March, however: a new catalog system. Our current catalog system is 20 years old, which in computer years means it comes from practically the Stone Age. The new system from Polaris will make it easier to find what you’re looking for, give you more spelling help (like Google and do), and give you more control of your holds. We are all very excited about it, and hope you will like the improvements, too. We are spending the next month making sure we know the new system, and it looks like the changeover will happen during the last week of March. We won’t be able to do some things that changeover week, but then we should be up and running. We ask that you bear with us as we make the change; both during the changeover week, and afterwards as you get used to the new system.

An hour later, the gentleman came back with more questions. And I could happily tell him that yes, he could bring his laptop in and he could get both electricity and a connection to the Internet. And we won’t have any ejection seats. Guaranteed.