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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is a Note of Dares

As a librarian who happens to love books and reading, part of my job description is to spread my passion for reading. Now, I know that not everybody shares my taste in books. My husband, for example, likes to read the National Electric Code - which I find nearly as incomprehensible as he finds my taste in steam punk. But the important thing is that we both have found books to be passionate about.

One of the reasons my husband likes his book is that he can immediately put what he found out into action. Reading fiction isn’t quite as direct as that…or so I thought.

Recently our Teen Librarian found a note in Eoin Colfer’s “Artemis Fowl” from one reader addressed to the next reader, challenging them to a series of dares dedicated to “Nerdfighters in this general Nerdfighteria area”. I have learned that there is a subculture out there called “Nerdfighteria” that includes video blogs and adventure notes left for others to find, and generally dedicated to making the world “more awesome”. The unknown reader took this to heart and created a series of adventures for “the brave and/or attractive…If you’re none of the above, put the book back. You are not worthy of such a title” Do you dare?

Dare 1: Go to the check-out customer service desk. Ask for a guy named Brian. Say hello to him.” We enjoy it when people come regularly enough to know our names and say “Hello!” It always makes our day, even if we aren’t named Brian.

Dare 2: FIC CHRISTIE 1984 Who did it?” Ooh, the darer is encouraging the reader to expand beyond the teen section into the mystery or adult section. We like to recommend books to you, too. Perhaps we’ll lead you into an area of the library you’ve never considered, and find the perfect book for your mood.

Dare 3: Do a tribal dance outside [of the] library, but only if dare 2 was completed successfully.” We love library celebrations, and we love enthusiastic library lovers. But perhaps a better way to support the library would be to join the Friends of the Library group to help them support us. All of the funds that the Friends of the Library raises goes to support the library and its programs. You could even organize a “tribal dance” fund raiser if you want!

Dare 4: Gather a collection of your 10 favorite books. Go to the desk acting as if you’re going to check them out. Don’t. Instead leave them and run. Flail your arms.” Hey, if they are your favorite books go ahead and check them out and read them again. Or even better, recommend them to a friend and spread the joy. For extra credit you can recommend them to us. If we liked them too, we can talk about our favorite parts. Then again, much as we’d like to we can’t possibly read all of the books in the library, but we would love to find out what your favorites are. If we find out what people really enjoy, we can spread the word about them, and even read them ourselves, too.

Last dare: Write a new note. Be daring. Put it in your favorite book. Maybe we’ll find it someday.” If you like to talk books with others, come join a book group! If you’re an adult we have a monthly book group where everybody reads the same book. If you’re a teen we have a “Pizza and books” group where you can bring your favorite book and tell everybody all about it while noshing on pizza.

What book has filled you up with enough “awesomeness” to act? As true nerdfighters say, "Don’t Forget to be Awesome!" (DFTBA)