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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eek! Christmas is Coming!

Christmas!? You are probably asking yourself 
a) why is the library posting about Christmas already?? And 
b) why is the library posting about Christmas at all? 

Now don’t panic or get upset, but are some very good reasons to blog about Christmas in November from a library perspective:
Some people like to get crafty and give hand-made gifts for Christmas. This is very cool, as I am not particularly crafty myself. But the people that do this like to get started on their projects before Thanksgiving so they can be sure and finish them on time. How can the library help? We've got lots of craft books to give you clever ideas, of course! Head out into the 745 section for most craft books, and don't hesitate to ask about other crafting sections as well.

Sno-Isle Libraries has also purchased access for our patrons to a database called “Hobbies and crafts Reference Center”. With crafty ideas for your kids, quilting ideas, beading instructions, knitting, sewing and scrapbooking, this is a great place to explore. Whether you make gifts out of wood out in your shop, knit them in a cozy corner, or even create them out of recycled materials, we've got the ideas and the instructions.

So what if you just want to buy something for your loved one? Sno-Isle also give you online access to Consumer Reports so you get the best gift for your dollar, whether you’re buying a tablet for your spouse,  a backpack for your kid or even a car for yourself.

To get to either database, from click on “Research”. “Hobbies and Crafts” is under the “Home and Hobbies” button and “Consumer Reports” is under the “Your Money” button.

So as we head into the holiday season, don’t forget your library!

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