Marysville Library Blog

Friday, April 6, 2012

Noise in the library

When people who haven’t been to a library in a while picture one in their minds, they usually envision a quiet, cathedral-like space where even a dropped pencil will draw scowls. That may have been true in the past, but definitely is not true now! What kinds of noises can you hear at the library these days?

·         In one corner of the Children’s Area, a mother reads a picture book to her children.

·         In another corner of the Children’s Area, a baby explores a board book using all his senses while his big sister discusses with her friend whether “Pinkalicious” is better than the sequel “Purplicious”.

·         Another child is singing along with her computer game and her sibling is jumping around the alphabet area rug chanting the ABC’s. Sometimes we even have a storytime in the Children’s Area that spreads music and giggles around the library.

·         The tables in the Children’s Area are filled with tutors teaching children.

·         In the Children’s chapter book section, a librarian is telling a boy about the exciting adventures he will find in “The MagicPickle and the Planet of the Grapes”.

·         A mom is dragging her son home as he screams, “But I don’t *wanna* leave the library!”

·         At the Reference desk, one librarian is teaching a patron about Sno-Isle’s on-line resources that will help him fix his car.

·         The library assistants at the Customer Service Desk are helping people get library cards and resolving any difficulties.

·         Many people are clicking and tapping along at the computer terminals; searching for jobs, playing games, checking their email, writing letters, and doing homework. They are working by themselves or are working with someone else.

·         A group of teens is giggling together in the Teen Area while hanging out after a video game program and another group is at the table working on a group project for school.

·       In the study room, a librarian is walking a patron through how to download an ebook from the library website to their new Kindle.

·         A family is discussing what DVD they should check out today.

·         A librarian and a patron are in the fiction section, talking about great books to read that are like that patron’s favorite, James Patterson.

·         In the non-fiction section two children are trying to decide what the best drawing book is, while their friends have found the joke book section and are laughing.

With so many people here, the library is filled with the hum of activity. We do try and reserve a part of the library as our quiet area, and we do ask for inside voices, but we love how our patrons use the library!