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Friday, October 5, 2012

We're Celebrating 50 Years!

Come join us and help celebrate Sno-Isle's 50th anniversary on Saturday, October 13 2-3:30 at the Marysville Branch. We will fill a time capsule and enjoy musical entertainment, and refreshments by Oosterwyk's Bakery will follow. The Quilceda Carvers have carved a beautiful box for the time capsule.

Marysville has had a library almost since its beginning; at first it was just a collection of books in an upstairs room. So what happened 50 years ago? That was when two separate county library systems - Snohomish and Island - decided to pool their resources and become one. Because of this, Sno-Isle can get more and better resources for everybody in the system than they could get separately.

What kinds of changes have we seen in the last 50 years? I can think of several:

  • The catalog is now online, and you can access it anytime, anywhere with internet access
  • We have over 30 computer terminals for patrons to use.
  • We have online resources for learning and research, whether it be for repairing your car, exploring your genealogy, looking up a magazine article, or learning a language.
  • You can check out items yourself if you want.
  • You can ask for help finding what you want via live online chat or email.
  • We have eBooks, audiobooks and music available for you to download.
  • Hey, and we blog, too!
What hasn't changed in the last 50 years?
  • We still have print books, magazines and newspapers.
  • We still help you find what you're looking for either in person or by phone.
  • We still have storytimes for young children with fun books, songs, and activities.
  • We still provide a place for people to study or work or learn.
  • We still promote a love of reading for all through programs and consultations.
What kinds of changes will happen in the next 50 years? I don't see that print will completely go away. But given the changes in the past 50, I know I can't even imagine the changes that we'll see! Please come and celebrate this coming Sat, and see what we put in our time capsule.